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My name is Craig Campbell and I am a Glasgow based entrepreneur who has been doing Digital Marketing for 22 years.

Craig Campbell – entrepreneur

I’m a successful entrepreneur who runs a number of his own companies.

My name is Craig Campbell. I am based in Glasgow, Scotland, and have been in digital marketing for many years. I am an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses and uses my marketing experience to do this.

I also do a lot of public speaking, sharing my knowledge and tips with the business world and helping other entrepreneurs on their journey. I have a weekly mastermind helping other Digital entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I’ve made in my journey online.

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I also try to give back by sharing my tips, advice and mistakes at conferences all around the world, and I have a YouTube channel where I do weekly Q&A sessions on my Youtube, as well as provide tons of video tutorials on some of the strategies and techniques I use to make money online.

I’ve spoken at events such as Affiliate World, Chaing Mai SEO, Sigma, etc. Networking is important; it isn’t always what you know; who you know is also important.

I do like to buy up businesses and use my Digital Marketing experience to scale those up, whether that’s to hang onto or flip on at a profit.

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1.1M YouTube subscribers

My YouTube channel has been around since 2016. However, I only regularly posted content on the channel in early 2020. I decided to put out a lot of material on my channel, which is all segmented into playlists, and I regularly do live Q&A sessions to try and answer any questions the subscribers have.

I do have videos on everything from Local SEO, Link Building, Digital PR, e-com SEO and a whole bunch of other tips and tutorials. I also have a whole bunch of podcasts on my channel, where I try to leverage the skills of the guests to provide my audience with as much value as possible.

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Craigs seo talks
seo \ speaking
Craigs seo talks
seo \ speaking
Craigs seo talks
seo \ speaking
Craigs seo talks
seo \ speaking
Craigs seo talks
seo \ speaking
Craigs seo talks
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Starting a Digital Agency

Afew years in I started to get lazy and demotivated working at home, so I decided to go down to a local business centre and see if they had a small office that I could rent, which they allowed me to do and this allowed me a place to go and work and try and get some routine.

Before I knew it I then hired a sales guy and a content writer and was asking the office space if I could move to a bigger room which they had no problem doing.  I continued to grow the agency and at one point had 17 staff in my office in Glasgow, which is some going given I never actually set out to build an agency, it kind of just happened.

I talk at many events worldwide, so check out my socials, and you will find out where I speak next. We can always meet up and have a beer.

I offer consultancy calls, which you can book using this link here. I have 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour sessions available.

If you go to my other site,, you will see where I’ll speak next.

Sure, you can. Get in touch with me, and we can discuss this; I’m always open to speaking at events and travelling to new countries.

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You can find more about what I’m sharing on my social media channels, make sure you join me on those channels.


I have a personal profile and a page on Facebook. I’m fairly active on there.

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YouTube is where a lot of the educational videos will appear; do check it out.


If you are interested in following my acting career, keep an eye on my IMDB.

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I’ve never really been up for many awards, but maybe one day I’ll get involved.




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