Affiliate Marketing Content Writing Services with Jenny A

Affiliate Marketing Content Writing Services with Jenny A

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenny A whom many refer to as the SEO version of Cheryl Cole. Originally from Newcastle, Jenny has now found her home in Egypt. Her journey is quite interesting; she started as a professional dancer and eventually transitioned into the world of SEO and writing. While living in Newcastle, Jenny worked with underprivileged kids, teaching dance as part of government-funded schemes.

After government funding stopped, she seized the opportunity to travel the world, teaching dance and performing in places like India and the US. By 2013, Jenny had settled in Egypt and, due to changes in the tourism industry, started a new career in SEO and content writing. Her experience and skills led her to found a content agency focusing on affiliate content. Over time, she built a strong team, mainly consisting of expat women in Egypt, offering full-service SEO and content solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Jenny Beyer transitioned from professional dancing to SEO and content writing.
  • She founded a content agency focusing on affiliate sites.
  • Her team mainly consists of women, especially expats in Egypt.

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Jenny Beyer Introduction

Today, I’m joined by Jenny Beyer, often called the “SEO version of Cheryl Cole.” Jenny hails from Newcastle but now resides in Egypt. Jenny’s career began as a professional dancer and choreographer, travelling the world from India to America. Eventually, she transitioned into the SEO field, working for various clients and establishing a content agency. Jenny’s journey includes teaching dance to underprivileged kids and adapting to the tourism and entertainment industry changes. Now, she runs a full-service agency focused primarily on affiliate content.

Jenny Beyer’s Journey

Starting Out as a Dance Teacher

When I was 19, I began my career as a professional dancer and dance teacher. I opened a dance school in Newcastle and worked for the local government. Thanks to government funding, this role allowed me to help underprivileged kids attend dance classes for free. I did this for a few years, particularly during the initiatives leading up to the London Olympics. Unfortunately, the government decided to stop funding these programmes, which pushed me to make a significant change in my career. I seized the moment to take my dance career globally.

Moving Into Choreography and International Adventures

train, With my decision made, I packed my bags and set off for India. I travelled alone, taking three flights and a train before arriving in India, where I was introduced to Bollywood. After some time in India, I moved to the United States to become a showgirl. My journey then led me to various places, eventually bringing me to Egypt in 2013. In Egypt, I met my husband and started building a family while still engaging in dance and choreography. My career had many twists and turns, including the impact of events such as the Russian plane crash, but each step taught me something valuable and led me to where I am now.

Moving to Egypt

Establishing Life in Egypt and Family Experiences

I arrived in Egypt back in 2013. It’s been an enriching journey since. I met my husband when I got here, and we eventually had our daughter. Professionally, I kept busy with singing and choreography. Life was bustling with a blend of personal and work experiences. Living here has given me countless memorable moments with my family while adapting to a new culture.

Effects of the Russian Plane Crash

Then, the unfortunate Russian plane crash took place, profoundly impacting the local scene. Tourism and entertainment took a massive hit, almost reaching a standstill. This sudden change left me unsure of my next steps. However, a friend’s introduction to online editing provided a new path. Many needed native English speakers to review content, and this opportunity led me to write. This unexpected shift sustained me during tough times and paved the way for my current career.

Career Shift to SEO and Writing

Becoming a Writer and Editor

I began my career as a professional dancer and teacher in Newcastle, working with underprivileged children through local government schemes. When those programmes ended, I travelled the world as a choreographer, performing in places like India and the United States. Eventually, I settled in Egypt. When tourism and entertainment dried up after the Russian plane crash, I needed a new path.

A friend suggested online editing, so I gave it a try. My background in fitness became an asset, allowing me to write for many health and fitness sites. I gained clients through platforms like Upwork and eventually landed a full-time job with Authority Hacker, managing a fitness site and getting exposed to SEO practices.

Joining Authority Hacker

While working for Authority Hacker, I grew interested in SEO because I observed how they managed their affiliate sites. My old clients still wanted my help, but I couldn’t juggle everything on my own. I considered training other English women in Egypt who had lost their jobs in tourism and education to work with me.

This idea led to starting a content agency focused solely on affiliate content. I carefully developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to train my writers and ensure consistent quality. The agency expanded over time, offering a full range of services for affiliates, from content creation to building ready-made sites.

Establishing a Content Agency

Choice to Specialise in Affiliate Content

When I started my agency, I made a clear choice to focus on affiliate content. I didn’t want to handle corporate blogs or business sites. The goal was to craft specific training methods and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for my writers. This specialisation ensured I wasn’t spreading myself thin, allowing us to excel in one area and do it right.

Agency Expansion and Service Diversification

Initially, our services were limited to content creation. Once we streamlined this and developed solid SOPs, we began expanding our services. We started adding more offerings step-by-step, transforming into a full-service agency. We now support clients from the setup phase to fully ready-made sites. This step-by-step approach helped us evolve and cater to a broader range of client needs effectively.

Team Development

Handling Workforce Adjustments During COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, we faced significant changes in our team structure. Before COVID-19, I had around 14 writers and editors. Many only contributed about 2,000 to 3,000 words weekly. Once the pandemic began, there were two main reactions from the team members. Some had to step back because of personal responsibilities, like taking care of their children at home. Others found themselves with more free time and wanted to take on more work. This situation led to a shift towards having fewer, but more dedicated full-time staff. Now, our content team is down to about 20 to 25 members.

High Female Representation in My Team

A large portion of my team is women, around 80%. This wasn’t entirely by chance. Many of these women are expats living in various parts of Egypt. They came from roles in hospitality and education, sectors that were hit hard by the pandemic. I saw an opportunity to offer them a new career path in content creation and management. Currently, my team includes three or four managers, assisting me in different areas. My team also has a few male members, but the majority are women, primarily because they have excelled in the roles they’ve taken on.

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